Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Break is Over and New Boring Class

Well, I haven't post for a long time because I was on holidays last time.
It's hard to accept the fact that holidays are over and that means I am back to school.
At first, I think it'll be not so hard to go back studying and meeting new friends.

But I was wrong, totally wrong!

My first day of school after a long holiday,
I looked for my name among the classes lists.
I found it and saw the name of my classmates and it was so irritating.
I have the same class with - well - two annoying people, let's just say they're A and X.
I tried to accept it and thought, "Well, it's okay, just don't mind them."

Days passed and all of these things are getting more and more annoying.
This A person said bad things about me via twitter.
I didn't say anything about her and I didn't even think about her while then she did that fucking thing.
And you can imagine how annoyed I was at that time.
Today, I got questioned by two teachers.
One of them asked me to write my answer on the board, so I did as she said then I went back to my seat.
Some of my classmates were talking about what I had just answered, some were laughing.
So I said to myself, "Ah, my answer must be wrong."
When the teacher discussed it, it was totally right!
I was surprised, all of the students were silent, some of them might be surprised because they were just laughing at the right answer.
I was getting bored and annoyed with this class.
I really hate being underestimated, well they're not the cleverest or the prettiest or the most handsome people in the class, so just shut up and mind your own business.
I'll admit when I was wrong but I don't want being blamed and bullied when I was right.
I have friends there, but it is not more than three out of forty people.
I really hate this new class. Just by looking at their faces, I'm so fed up.

That is one of many annoying things that happened in this past few days in school.
I have to hold on for at least a year with this damn class. I'll be out of there as soon as I can.
It's not that I cannot stay there, I just don't want to.

I apologize for some bad words I typed, but I'm really mad right now, so please understand.